Is there a way to find out if a guy is serious about you?

This guy..well, we chat sometimes but not too often because I suppose we have busy schedules at school. Maybe around every 6 weeks or so. We don't study in the same school anymore because he went to study overseas. Before he left though, he confessed his feelings for me. That was...9 months ago.

Whenever he's here for his break, he would always text me and let me know he's back home but he never asks me out. So I'm not really sure if he's just being friendly or something?

Oh and, most of the time, I leave the first message during our conversations, which makes me even more confused because why wouldn't he want to start it if he's a bit interested? Though I usually go offline for a while after I leave the message and he always waits until I go online again so we could chat.


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  • I guess he thinks that you're seeing someone else now because he's been gone from your life for a long time. Or perhaps, you've rejected him 9 months ago, and you still haven't change your feelings for him that's why he can't take the risk of asking you out for fear of embarrassment.

    There are way to find out if a guy is serious about you. He spends his time with you, he wants to know more about you on how you were raised, your childhood, your dreams, your passions and interest. He also wants to hang out always with you, and always find the time to be with you.

    • I didn't exactly reject him though I said that time that I don't know yet. Recently, he sent me a message saying that he hopes we could continue keeping in touch and I said something like yeah, I haven't seen you in a while and he didn't say anything about that. He replied about something else we talked about. What do you think?

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    • You mean I ask him out? I'm kind of the shy type of a But, didn't he kind of already 'rejected' me since I already hinted of wanting to see him and he didn't say anything. By the way, thank you for replying to me! (:

    • You don't have to ask him out. Make it look like you're going somewhere and he's just tagging along.

      Like "Hey, Anonymous User, I'm going to this bla bla bla. It would be fun, I heard they will have big discounts/ they will have a blast/ people will be rushing soon and I want to be first in there. You should come. "

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