Guys, why would he stand me up on the date?

We agreed to meet in person for the first time, he had called on Thursday and we decided on Saturday, which was yesterday. He said he would text Friday to decide the time and place. He didn't text so I texted and he never answered. What could have gone wrong? I saw him upload a pic of food yesterday, so I know he has his cel and is OK.

He did want to take his friend on the date and me to take a friend but when I asked if he was shy he said, no, I can go by myself. He does live 1hr 30 min away. So I don't know what went wrong, how do I go about this?


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  • I think some guys like to play games. And he does seem like he is shy or maybe he has a phobia since he wanted to bring other people on the date. Also maybe he was to lazy to make almost the 2 hour drive which isn't that far. I think what he did was wrong and he should at least apolgize and say sorry. Standing anybody up isn't a nice first impression especially since this was like a first date.


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  • I've been stood up too and it sucks. The reason I see is the guy is a flake. I would just stop thinking about him and do not contact him, unless he has a damn good reason why he stood me up. When you get to be college age there is no excuse to stand someone up unless there is an emergency. There are many guys who will not stand you up and I wouldn't give this guy a second chance.