Texting less...should I be worried or just forget it?

ive been dating this guy for a little over a month now, we've gone on a lot of dates now and I'm noticing he's not texting as much as he used to, we used to text daily and now its like a little bit a day then we don't talk for like a day. I understand everyone needs space and they get busy I just wanna know if he's just getting lazy with it or just doesn't wanna text me? He also stopped texting me yesterday (Saturday) around noon, so I don't know if its just because we went on a movie date the night before and he feels like he's talked to me a lot already. I am trying to be cool about it, give him space I just am curious to his reasoning. Appreciate the help.


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  • l could be wrong but I think your looking way too much into it. If he's not texting you at all anymore then something is off. But he IS texting u...just not as often as he's done before. He could be busy or maybe since you guys are becoming more cool with each other he probably think he don't need to text you often. Maybe he wanna giv you space. stop worrying.

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