I seriously need some help, what do I do?

I've done something wrong, I feel . It all started last year , my freshmen year (i'm in high school) he was a sophomore . Me and my friends have been thinking this guy was so hot since like we were 12 , and we're 16 now. Anyway he started flirting with me last year and would like touch my butt , call me babe, kiss on my neck and stuff that kind of thing. And the thing that makes it bad is he has a girlfriend they're off and on but everyone knows they're always still together. But I still continued to mess with him because he looked so good and I just couldn't help it. And just previously on Nov 28th he kissed me and we were sort of making out and stuff. And then we kissed again on Dec 12th and like a week after that and I feel he just wants sex from me even though he knows that I'm not that kind of girl I still thinks he likes the challenge. But I feel that I need help on knowing what to do because I'm starting to like him I think and I don't want that..

Thank you guys so much my male best friend said the same thing I'm gonna talk to him about it


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  • Crushes especially long term crushes are just f***in' horrible. lol. They make you do things that you'd regret or never would do. The crushes when you are younger are worse especially if you've never gotten over them.

    You seem to know that he has a girlfriend that he's probably never going to officially break it off with and that he possibly might just want sex.

    Some people (usually younger) lol tell whatever lie it is to get what they want. You shouldn't let him pressure you if you do not want to do anything. Even if he does sweet talk you and get you imo just seems like a set up for disaster. I don't know if you even have feelings well...genuine feelings for him. You probably just think he's hot and maybe kinda cool. If you see no possibility of him being your boyfriend and leaving his girlfriend for real then just leave him alone.


    You just stop hanging out with him until you're over it or just don't have any physical contact with him and still chill. Let him know if he tries to touch you that you don't want him to anymore. Usually by his reaction you can tell what type of guy he is.

    Hope it helps.


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  • Talk to him. That will solve everything. You'll find out if either he will be interested, or just another scumbag!


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  • um THINK? you should know that! I know what your thinking hun but you desurve better. Your not a piece of meat. he can't just do a trick by making you feel special and like you just so he can get a treat then drop you when he gets bored.

  • So what's the question?

    Just walk away from him, he's not good for you

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