Is he just not a fan of texting or ignoring me for a reason?

So, I've been dating this guy for not long, and I know it isn't serious yet, but that's where it seems to be heading. We still haven't done much beyond cuddling and kissing. But he doesn't seem to like to text, and he ignores my occasional, "hey how's it going" text. I give quite a bit of space, leave him alone for most of the week. I know he isn't available for chit chat all the time, and not at my beck and call all 24/7. But could he not at least answer, eventually.. I do know he doesn't like texting as much, and words aren't his strongest suit. but I feel weird calling him, so I'd rather send a quick message for now. When we are together it seems really good, and I no longer feel worried after we hang out. I've met his friends, and he has been telling people about me, and I've been introduced to them.I just feel odd about the lack of communication through the week. Should it worry me, or is it truly probably minor. We are both more quiet and shy, which is slowly getting better as we get comfortable.

Worried girl


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  • Some people are just not texters

    I wouldn't worry