Why hasn't he called me?

Here's what happened:

I met Matthew for coffee on Tuesday. On Friday he asks me to go to a comedy club and I say yes. In between the days, he's texting me good morning, good night and calling just to say hi and that he can't wait to see me. We go out Friday night to the comedy show. Then we walk along the waterfront and hold hands and kiss for the first time. Then we go dancing. Then he tells me that he likes me so much, I"m so beautiful, he can't stop staring at me, etc. So then the next day on Saturday which was his birthday - we go to the movies. I bake him cupcakes and give him a card. He thinks its so sweet. He then invites me to a family bar b que on Sunday. Then later the next morning he sends me a text saying its probably too early to meet the parents and that he doesn't want to rush things. I send a text back saying that I agree and to have fun. Then on Monday and Tuesday he sends me short texts asking about how my day is going. Today is Wednesday and the last time I spoke to him was Saturday night.

What happened? Why hasn't he called me? Did he get too scared? or change his mind? I have NOT called him or initiated any texts. I want him to chase me. What should I do, or what should I think about this whole situation?

I forgot to add, I did call him once but his phone was off and it went straight to voice mail. So I thought, "great! he doesn't know that I called". But I just found out that he did know I called. HE just sent me a text apologizing for not calling me ba
Should I ignore him and not write back? will he call me if I do that? What should I do now?


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  • Just lay back and relax, Answer him and tell him "it's ok and that you just wanted to say hello and how he was.

    It sounds like you both started on a whirlwind and now it's running out of steam. From your age group, I assume he's in his late 20's. At that age we're no longer like young boys all lovey dovey. Let him have his space, wait a few days and let him get back to you.

    You want him to chase you. So give him a chance to chase you.


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  • You are playing games. He may be seeing how interested you are in him. He could be thinking to himself "she never wants to talk to me so maybe I will just pull back"... I don't blame him for doing it because if you do like him you should show him by trying to initiate some sort of conversation. I would definitely not ignore him. If you do like someone why in the world would you not want to make an effort to talk to him?

    If you keep playing games it will end up coming back to bite you.


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