Would you be okay with having biracial children?

I'm interested in white guys and Hispanic guys, but from what I've read online, a lot of men would date a black girl, but not marry her, because they don't want kids who "don't look like them." Which is understandable, but somewhat unfounded (in my humble opinion) since I've seen many half black, half white children and they never look fully black. But my question is, guys who do or would date interracially, would you (or would you not) be okay with having biracial (half black) children, and why (or why not)?


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  • having bi-racial kids is either a great benefit or an unholy hell. Being mixed myself, I can tell you that it's not much fun at all. The white folks call me all the black racial slurs you can imagine. The black community sometimes think I am a white wannabe. It means I am not "black enough".

    Don't try to make sense out of it.

    The good is that mixed people are usually the utmost beautiful people in the world; myself being the exception. When parents of different ethnicities can love each other in this bigoted world, they can usually pass on the wisdom to their kids in respecting others on who they are and what they do, not about their backgrounds and racial heritage.

    It's hit or miss really. Personally, I will date/marry/screw regardless of ethnicity. Why? I hate being bigoted, it is illogical for me to return the disfavor. It would make me as wrong as the haters.


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  • I would. There are biological advantages to mixed race, like being more resistant to disease. Also, they're my kids regardless of what they look like.

  • Jw we talking only black? Because honestly I would love my kids even if they came out green! I just need to love their mother (I don't like broken families). I wouldn't mind black, asian, Hispanic, native American, kids.

    • Originally I was thinking half black, half something else, just because I was thinking about myself since I'm black. But I know there are other mixes besides just white and black.

    • I say go for it half black babies are so cute and so are black babies... well actually all babies are cute and if your man has issues with biracial kids then don't waste your time

  • i am into girls of the human race only, not into females of other races just human girls ;)

  • Yes because I am not interested in girls my own race. I like girls of other races.

  • Yeah, I suppose so.

    When people say they are worried the kids won't look like them, they are talking about skin color. Lighter skin/eye/hair color is recessive. For the most part, a half black half white person will usually look like a light skinned black person. Now, this doesn't bother women so much because the baby comes out of them and they already have the bond going. In any case, who knows how the baby will come out anyway. There are times when it does come out white or dark skinned and of course the kid could come out looking like a slightly darker version of the dad, so who knows how things will be.

    Anyway, since black people make up 12.5% of the U.S. and most black women aren't interested in dating out anyway, I'd say that if you are interested in white and Latino guys, you'll be fine. It shouldn't be cause for major concern.

    • I guess my theory doesn't hold up. I just read an answer from pr3ttybr0wn, and she was saying the same thing.

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    • She basically said that she finds a white guy to be attractive every now and then, but she would never get involved with one because she wants her kids to look like her. It throws part of my answer out of whack.

    • It's really a shame, because she is basing it on skin color like you said. I understand wanting your child to look like you, but skin color isn't the only feature there is. It doesn't seem like people understand that. :-/ But that's her prerogative I guess. Good thing I don't think that way.

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  • Statistically speaking, black women and Asian men are least likely to date or marry interracially, while white men are more likely to marry Asian women. Even then, the "yellow fever" thing is over exaggerated as interracial marriages make up what, less than 10% of marriages in the US.

    A lot of white guys are culture vultures and have yellow fever or jungle fever while young, but at the end of the day they'll bring home a white woman.

    Most do want their offspring to look like them

    I'm biracial so basically I'm screwed and whoever I end up procreating with, our children will likely be mixed to some degree or mixed looking.

    • I say let's get married, build a starship and have our own kids in the universe while the rest of the human race stays here and remains ignorant. You look like a hottie ;)

    • i'm far from that :p

  • Alot of my guy friends married women of a different race and their kids are beautiful

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