Anyone have advice for a date? Please help!

a girl gave me her number , and I'm 19 and I've never had a date before . she's not really attractive but I don't care . she's the only person who will probably ever date me , but she has a reputation for treating men like crap . Now she seemed kind of mean , when my friend introduced us , but I don't really know if I should go out with her or not . I'm thinking no , because she doesn't seem like a nice person at all nor do I find her physically attractive . But I'm thinking yes because she's the only girl to ever look past my ugly face and actually talk to me , so its either her or I might never be in a relationship with any woman in my life.

Should I call it off, or should I just go ahead with it ?

date is Wednesday , I really need to know


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  • Call it off. There are plenty of women out there who would love to be in a relationship with you. Don't sell out for some rotten chick that you know will kick you to the ground and just hurt you in the end.

    • i really don't know what to do it took me 19 years to get my first date and it might take me another 19 to get another

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    • lol I replied before you didso I don't think you saw my message but I made up my mind . thank you for your help but I will go for it . I'm sick of being single , and its either her or I die old and alone . and frankly , valentine day is coming up and I don't want to spend it crying like I do every year . thank you

    • date was terrible :( . I should have listen to you

  • Just go on the date and then see if you want anything more to do with her.


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