Severely disapointed by a new date... what now?

I think I have been ruined by nice guys. I've dated a nice guy... and I know exactly how it feels. I can't seem to lower my standards though. That nice guy and I ended on friendly terms on account that we wanted different things in life... but I've never ever felt more loved in my life.

I went on a date with a new guy... he just seemed so incredibly... shallow? I can't pinpoint him. One minute he's entirely sweet and another it's like he's not interested at all in what I'm saying. He's made it clear he's only into super attractive women... and that he's not opposed to friends with benefits relationships.. and wanted to know if I thought a friends with benefits relationship could turn into something... so awkward. He was so nice, smart, collected and then... the more I found out the less I liked. Where did the nice guy in him go? What do I do now? Try a second date? Give up?

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  • Doesn't sound like too much of a nice guy!

    • yeah? my thoughts exactly :/ idk! ugh

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    • Try to get to know him(if your interested), but look for any signs that determine what kind of person he is, you might regret meeting this guy, but then again, he could be what you hoped for!

    • hmm okay, thanks!

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  • How is this a problem? You prefer guys that treat you well, must be one rare ass woman.

    And this is why women shouldn't rush into anything with a guy, get to know em, truly, before getting too involved.

    And he was likely never THAT nice, just playing nice to get into your pants or trying to.

    • yeah... you might be right. how has he had a girlfriend in the past though?

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    • Oh well, you'll find someone better :P

    • yes! exactly

What Girls Said 1

  • Why would you give him a second chance? Lol if he is making you feel uncomfortable then move on. If he says he is only into super attractive women then let him go find himself that. It is obvious that this guy wants nothing serious so the possibility of you guys working out are slim to none. Unless you want a friends with benefits type of relationship then by all means go for it. But there's a difference between a nice guy and a good guy.

    • yeah... idk. something just seems off about him so far. ugh. he was so good... and then not?

    • At least he is being honest with you and making clear about what he wants. It happens all the Tim though. You really like him but just set him aside as a friend only and move on . You'll find someone who wants you for you and not just for sexual interests

    • yeah. hm. boys... so frustrating.