Guys: if you had to date a black girl, how would you want her to look?

If you were to go out with a black girl as last choice, would you want her to be closer looking to a white woman, like the (sharper)nose, the (lighter) skin shade, the thinner body, and the straighter hair? I know most men have us black females as last resort, but if that's hypothetically all you could date ...would it make more sense if it were this way. She would have to have a kind and humble attitude as well. Not to sound self damning but most of us are undesired and I want to know why!

That being said, would it be an easier pill to swallow if we looked more white?


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  • Nose: I wouldn't say she needs a 'white nose'. But if it is huge that's a negative. If you're really interested post a range of noses and we can give opinions.

    Skin tone: no. I find all skin tones attractive.

    Thinner body: I think black women can in some ways be thinner based on genetics. But yes, based on what you are asking. Not Victoria secret thin, but fairly thin. This is pretty major.

    Straighter hair: I tend to like either straight or natural black hair. Not wavy. I have wavy. I hate it :D

    • You hate wavy hair? Even though if she looked hot with it? :S

    • I said I hated having wavy ;).

      It tends to be my least favorite on women. I'm prepared to believe some women lookl best with it. And obviously there are some gorgeous women with wavy hair. To be honest I'm fussier on hair color then texture.

    • yeah for me either it is straight or really coiled all cute with some curves

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  • There's this really cute black/white girl mix in my school. She has a black female's features (kinda roundish nose and roundish face and a really cute round butt aha) but she has a light tan and has like curly natural blond hair. I guess I would go for girls with lighter skin but sharp facial features don't matter to me.

    • If she was full black or what they call pure breed, you probably wouldn't notice her. That is why I am doing what I am. Cool...this is not about me, but why hesitate .

    • Can't believe you say breed. You ain't a dog

    • white guys say that

  • Last resort? Nah... It's more about values, beliefs and personal preference. Some black girls push a stereotype "that black women are bold, strong, and independent." It's stupid. The stereotypical black girl attitude does deter people from dating black girls. Its not how it always is, but many people are ignorant and only perceive things at face value.

    • yeah many many many people lol, I think if they perceive it to be so, they will just look at one black woman and go eww she must be crazy, that is why I want to change my look. Do you understand?

  • I have a lot of respect for older black women in their 40s+ because I don't know theyre just awesome... in every way... as mothers, wives, teachers etc... however most black girls in their 20s and early 30s that I've been exposed to do sh*t like this... which is annoying as f***... On a side note Zoe Saldana is fine as fuuuuuuck

    • hahahah that was a forty year old he even said mom, it was a trolling video regardless, personality...ok

    • :o so you'd date a 40 year old black woman? xD! Here goes YOUR line "ta-faq! >.< ahaha or how you say? :P

      Is question asker referring solely to skin color irrelevant to race or African Americans? :/

      Cuz... Zoe Saldana half Dominican half Puerto Rican.

    • NOOOOO lol I mean I have respect for them as mothers, grandmothers teachers etc...

  • I actually have a big thing for metis girls like amber stevens, but I always feel they don't like white boys. Would you date a white boy ?

    • I mean do you generally find black men or white men attractive ?

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    • Are you saying that even black men don't wanna date black girls ?

    • yeah in the usa though

  • Dark skin, small afro, big butt, thin waist, smaller nose, medium lips

  • "As a last choice"? You mean, like end of the world and she's the last woman on earth? lmao. Would anyone *want* to be dated with if the other person had that attitude?

    • lol cool but if she doesn't, that was the hypothetical question at first my dear, you haven't answered. :)

      What attitude am I having is a research question.:P

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  • I know people who prefer women with more melanin :P

    Self depreciation questions never help.

    Some 15 year old girl is going to be strolling this site and will hear you (a woman) talking about lightening her skin and altering herself to become more desirable to some guy?

    Why go for what's not going for you?

    Why alter yourself to get a guy who wants features not your own? It's crazy.

    Be proud of who you are and own it.

    Nothing is more unattractive than someone who feels bad about who they are and does nothing but wear this negative attitude and spread their negative ideas.

    Confidence is attractive.


    • 1 No one is going for us, we are most unwanted. This will help the girl, trust me. 2 Not craxy .white women although not to a grand extent, the rich one use lip collogen, but implants, braonzing, thigh and hip implants, and tanning ..for their rich white men.

      I will feel pretty when I am close to the white standard, because most men are picky. Thank anyhow

    • I'm white, I use none of that. What the hell are hip implants

    • only the very wealthy like housewives TV girls get the lip injections and over tans

  • I m sorry that's stupid . I am white have white guy friends who would rather date black women , white women are their last choice . All this race fetishism piss me off. It's about the person even if your bright blue . Jesus

    • one person in massses , thanks

    • It's actually two guys I know and another one likes girls that arnt English regardless of color/race/ethnicity . It really doesn't matter . I think you are feeling sorry for yourself

  • Stop being insecure

    • I am not, but how many dark skinned girls are lonely and insecure here ...many, I ask to figure out things better.

  • Most white guys aren't attracted to black girls regardless of what they look like

    But generally speaking, the more European a black or mixed girl looks the more likely it is white guys will pay attention to her.

    • Thanks that is my plan, but you see white media and fine tuning has brainwashed the black males got to do my plan.

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    • says the one looking to bleach her skin, use diet pills and straighten her hair because she's throwing herself a pity party

    • well hey I want to attract black men too, so I will be light like Rhianna , she use supplemented whitening pills too ...big deal

      some white men like dark meat so white women bronze

  • i have full lips/big lips, pointy nose, and cat eyes/small eyes. I am a brown bone (live in Europe tho). I really don't look like my sisters they have more of the typical black look. I don't like looking diffrent from them. . we have same parents.

  • its not about looks, its about personality. if you click with each other, have good conversations, and have a spark that's what matters. having things in common is impt.

    • No many guys have had great connections with my but they do not want to bring a dark girl around, but cool what you said, just not

  • no! what is wrong with you? its not good to think of yourself as less than someone else because of your race. I'm two different types of Asian, and I look more Indian, but I still get a lot of white guys who don't look twice at me, although, they aren't really my type, while it does hurt, I still don't feel the need to "look more white". don't try and change yourself, you'll just end up regretting it. Do you not like the guys you attract?

    • it seems all races of men are like this to black women . Good you have Asian men, so leaves me no choice to change my skin.

    • maybe it depends on where you live/ where you hang out with/ who you hang out with

    • sure and you live? Not to bother you but the standard is set!

  • This question makes me sad. :(

    No one should ever be ashamed, embarrased, or look down on their own race. You should be proud of who you are. The real turn off to guys I think is being ashamed of your own skin. If a guy prefers a white woman, then let them prefer them, because you deserve a person who prefers YOU

    As a Hispanic woman I see this type of thinking within my community as well. And the girls/guys with more European features sometimes try to be more "white" and put down/will not participate or be involved in anything that is within Hispanic culture. What they don't understand is that no matter what they look like, they are not white, and will not be accepted by white people as white.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with being proud of who you are or loving the skin you are in; whether it be white, black, brown, red, yellow or what ever you are! Never put other races features above your own. Because the right guy will love you just the way you are! :)

    • And when no one prefers you?

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    • lol woman please tell me where thou liveth? Please lol, is this a world far from white ideal of beauty?

    • No I live in Texas :) but I honestly think it depends on where you live, some people (of all races) are close minded, but I live in an area where most of that is considered very old-fashioned and looked down on.

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