1st proper kiss?

Everyone seems to really worry about their 1st proper kiss (like with tongues) don't they?

and I don't know about you guys but when it happened it didn't seem like it was worth worrying about did it?

I mean how many of you's were like swept away in you're 1st proper kiss that somehow you picked it up and knew what you were doing?

I remember the girl I was with for my 1st make out session complimented me on my kissing skills =L I didn't tell her it as my 1st time XD

has this happened to anyone else?

what was your 1st proper kiss like?

did it go better or worse than you planned?


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  • umm...well the first two times we tried, we missed. I wasnt paying attention and I turned so he kissed my cheek then I tried to kiss him back and he wasnt paying attention and I kissed his eyelid...

    lol, but we finally got it right and it was AMAZING...it was the first time I had ever kissed anyone and the same for him but he was good and he says I was so I guess practice doesn't always make perfect!

    • You kissed his eyelid? =L

    • He looked away from me at like, the last second! at least it wasnt his eye...but yes. we laughed about it afterwards. getting to the kiss was a disaster but the kiss itself was great!

  • Yeah, everyone told me that it would just come naturally =P And I did NOT believe them. And when I was about to do it, I told the guy how nervous I was. He told me it'd be ok...and it was! I couldn't believe that really...it does come naturally.

    Nice question =)


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