Is it me or is this an over-reaction?

To save you having to read my previous messages, myself and my ex of two and a half years decided mutually to split, a day later she started seeing an old ex of hers (who I know full we she never/doesn't love) and got with him (possible rebound) it was a bit hostile between the 3 of us for a few weeks and then on Christmas day she was texting me nice things saying thank you for getting her son the presents (which I got before we split) and asked how my day was etc. I then started n/c and havnt spoke or heard from her until today as she text...

Her: Hi, Really sorry but I accidentally deleted that messege with all the info for bills on, if you still have it could you let me know what it all is then that would be great

Me: the details are...etc

Her:cool thanks, when do you want to pick up your tv?

Me:I don't mind, I'm busy most evenings but can probable swing by after work one day.

Her: Well either you want it or you dont! I'm not rearranging my whole life just for you to pick up a bloody telly!

Me: you can just keep it then, its not worth the hassle.

Why did she go from being reasonable to suddenly snapping? was it cos I said I was busy in evenings? am I over reacting and trying to see somethings that isn't there?

In the end I went round after work, didn't say much to her, picked it up and she slammed the door behind me as if I'm the bad one in all this lol


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  • Because your being a smart ass with her. Go get your TV. If you don't want it sell it.

    And she went hostile, cause your being smart with her. Yea she did wrong. w.e she knows, trust me woman know when there wrong, and they know when there right. And their not right all the time. But 50 percent of the time they are, just like how we are wrong 50 percent of the time.

    Just stay cool dude. You'll find someone better!

    Look at the bright side. I don't know what kinda TV you have, but if you sell it, you can make an extra $500. lol!

    • I got the tv, its not worth a lot but something to watch in my room haha.

      How was I being a smart ass? I was just trying to be civil lol

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    • And you were being a smart assk because you werent replying in full.

    • Ye I get you, I was just trying to play it cool, she her I'm not interested in her, keep the contact to a minimum etc

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  • ahahaha , nahh she trippinn

  • I think she felt like she was already putting in the time and energy to give your TV back, and you came back with a limited schedule for her to work around. It also gave me the impression that you were trying to look like you had a full social calendar or something to make her jealous. Her reaction was too intense, but I think you were trying to play it too cool when she was attempting to help you out.


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  • She sounds a little put out with you. Given all the drama that's unfolded with the 3 of you, that's not surprising. She has to blame someone else for everything that's happened, and she certainly can't blame herself, so you've been selected to be the fatted calf here.

    Welcome to the club!

    • Why would she be put out with me? is it because I've left her alone and am being civil and she doesn't like it? she wants me to want her?

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    • No not really, I did unfortunatly do a bit of the 'how can you leave me for someone so soon after all we been through' etc, but we made up and on Christmas she was texting me saying thank you for the presents I bought her son (before I moved out) he really likes them, and I replied nicely and we left it as that on good terms, after the last nice text was sent I started N/C and heard nothing until today.

    • Maybe she was upset that you stopped contacting her, but reall it was up to her to make up for what she did to you!

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