Have you ever liked a girl for a long time, but then realized you didn't like her at all?

I spent years (3) pining away for this girl, mostly because she was the first to ever really flirt with me and show me attention and show some attraction to me. She had a boyfriend, but when she became single, I tried to go out with her. But let me say that I seemed to have made no impact on her at all for whatever reason.

Now, of all coincidences, I'm working with her. I've worked with her for the past week or so and I realized something after interacting with her on a daily basis: I don't even like her. I don't like her personality, I don't like how she looks that much, I don't like the way she says and does some things. In the past, we saw each other around once a week or so and our interactions would be short, but teasing and flirtatious. Now I see her every day and after the first day with her, I was bored of her.

On one hand, this is good because I feel like I'm freeing myself from her (I incidentally have a date with a smoking hot girl coming up, but I still constantly thought about her and wasn't as happy getting the date with this new girl than I would've been getting a date with this old girl, which is messed up). On the other, I just wasted a lot of mental energy and emotional hurt for no reason.


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  • Sort of.

    Problem is; I love this lady, all the while there is a lot about her that I know is not desirable traits of a lady I'd choose, based on what I think I desire.

    As a matter of fact, if we were able to send off for a "made to order" lady with "check yes" beside the traits you desire, very few of her's would I have checked.

    There must be something that they do or about them to make us keep persevering to the goal of obtaining them.

    While all along the course trying to obtain, I have this burning desire to have her. Wish I knew the cure before any serious damage is done.

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