Girlfriend is sick, what should I do?

I have been dating a girl around a month now and wanted to see her some time this week out of school, problem was she turned out to be coming down with something. I told her get well soon and talked to her and everything but bid farewell afterward. She is exhausted and its either I invite myself over to her house or I end up inviting her to mine, and she likely won't mind making the trip. I am not afraid of germs or getting ill so kissing her is no big deal, but her nature would make her avoid kissing me for my sake. I am just wondering what can I do to help? Its still early in our relationship and I don't know if I should give her space or try and help. Any advice is much appreciated.

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Alright, so she is not responding to any of my texts and just won't answer, yet she is still posting things on Facebook. I offered to help and asked what she needed, nothing. What's the deal?


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  • I say swing by with some medicine and some flowers. That's generally what I do. Perks my girlfriend up just a little, and I sorta hang out with her, and make her dinner, soup, whatever. Cleanup when she needs it, get things so she doesn't have to move. Things like that. I try to make her feel good, cuddle her and do everything. Basically spoil her.

    That's what I do at least. Been doing that for all of my relationships, and have done that for my girlfriend whenever I could. Every time she's sick, I try to at bare minimum, bring her flowers.

    • Sounds to me like she wants to be left alone right now. I suggest you respect that, and stop texting.

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    • Well thank you, I appreciate the fact that you not only answered my question but followed up with it.

    • No problem. It's a large part of why I'm here. To help. It's what I'd like to think this site is for.

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  • I think you've done enough, just give her some time to feel better. Maybe you can ask if there's anything she'd like and you could drop it off for her, that would be nice.

  • Ask her if she needs anything. If she says yes, bring it and stay briefly. If she says no, just give her space. I was sick once and got so irritated at a guy I'd been seeing about 3 weeks because he wouldn't leave me alone. It seemed very selfish to me, that he insisted on coming over and making me give him attention and would want to kiss and hang on me when I felt sh*tty.

    So with that in mind, this particular girl says that space is better during sickness, though it's nice to hear from him.

  • Hot soup and some good DVD


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  • In most cases if the relationship is going somewhere I always bring soup and a movie. Since its only been a month I would avoid the flowers. That's just from my past experience. lol

  • Always help her.