How to deal with seeing an ex everyday?

Hi guys!

My ex broke up with me 6 months ago. We go to school together in the same small program, and I have to see him/ work and interact with him everyday! I'm over him, and never want to date him again because of the way he's been treating me, and I don't know how to make him stop.

For the first 4 months after breaking up, we still had very strong feelings for each other, and it would show up every now and then. But then, one day, he just pulled me aside and said, he's over me, forgotten about everything that happenned between us, and will NEVER date me again. He was the one that chased me for 2 months and forced me to date him! And now, why does he talk to me this way?

Nowdays, when I see him at school, I feel frustrated and angry. Everyone else gets laughs and smiles and "how was your weekend?", kind of behavior . I get nothing! And every time, during lunch, when we have always seems like he's trying to make it clear on how different me and him are! Like, if a say I liked a certain movie, or certain food...or even if I mention some deeper value I have...he seems to always voice his opinion quite harshly, when he has contradicting values. It just hurts so much! I didn't even do anything to be treated like crap like this.

Maybe its slightly in my head. And, I know I've given him the cold shoulder for a while now. But that's because I want to move on and talking to him doesn't help me!

Why does he treat me like crap? I feel disrespected every time we talk, and I get angry and frustrated with how someone that loved and dated me for a year can care so little about me anymore. How do I let the anger go?


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  • Your problem is that you still care about what he thinks, how he reacts and what he says to you. Sorry to tell you, but there is nobody in the world that can change that but yourself. YOU have to change. YOU have to stop worrying, noticing or caring what emotions he is displaying.

    This doesn't mean that you must start acting negatively around him. That would be even worse. It means that you must STOP worrying. You must stop caring. You must stop believing that he is significant in any way.

    How you can achieve this I don't know. Maybe only time will make it better. But a good first step is to make a few rules for youself:

    1) He is now a stranger, just some guy at school

    2) Whatever he says, thinks, feels or acts like does not concern you in any way.

    3) You can interact with him on a practical level, but you are oblivious to his feelings.

    4) You act polite with him like you do with every stranger, shopkeeper, busdriver etc.

    5) If he acts impolite to you, that means he is just some idiot. Nothing more.

    • Thank you! That's really good advice :) its a LOT easier said than done for sure. I have trouble turning that part of my brain off because we were in love for about a year! But I will work everyday to think this way! And every time I feel bad, I will read this post for motivation. Good thing is, I'm done school in 4 months, and never have to see him again! :D

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  • how about you ignore him and focus on yourself?

    this is very typical high school maturity

    move on and who cares about him

    he's pathetic if he goes that far to piss you off

    obviously he's not over it

    • It is so hard to ignore it. I just try to focus on other people in my program that I like. He's the one that was in love with me, talked me into giving him a chance, then broke up with me, and then told me he is completely over it and we will never date again. Now he acts like he hates me. Always so aggressive and insensitive when he talks to me. The total opposite of the guy I fell for.

    • Anyway, I will ignore it. I'll believe in myself, and that I am amazing, and MUCH better than him in all possible ways, and just focus on the positive things in my life :) Thanks for your comment!