What shall I write if I don't have the opportunity to personally tell him I like him?

i like this guy and he is my neighbour in the student dormitory and there might be a chance that he likes me back

he leaves next week for a semester abroad

actually I wanted to tell him I am into him this week (I thought if he doesn't like me back it won't be weird because we don't see us anymore and if he like me we can stay in touch via Facebook, whatsapp etc and date in summer when he is back)

but now he is ill and probably I won't see him anymore :(

so I will write him a goodbye message

should I weite him I like him? I prefer it in person I think it is weird over text but if he should know it I have to text it (and I want him to know it because if not I will always ask myself "what if" and this is even more sh*t than if he says he is not into me)

what shall I write to make it clear but not to be too aggressive or something?

i thought of something like "...i really like you and actually I wanted to tell you in person but unfortunatelly we didn't see us anymore

if you don't like me back that's totally okay I don't want drama I just wanted to say it because I would have always wondered if you like me too and we won't see us anymore so it won't be embarrasinf

if you like me back we can spend some time if you are back again..."


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  • Your second paragraph is smart.

    That would be the best if you didn't have the opportunity to meet him personally. However, tell him personally is the best.


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