Is it bad that he always waits til late at night/evening to text me?

This guy always waits the entire day to text me. He used to say goodmorning... and now he waits til like 9 pm or later to say hi to me. He doesn't really ask me questions anymore either. Sometimes. Sometimes he brings up really deep things and then when I ask more about it he kind of shuts off... it's like he's purposefully avoiding deep conversations with me even thought he has a lot on his mind. I don't get it. Why does he wait so late in the day to text me? I used to always be the one to text him... I stopped and now he texts me at night. Is that bad?

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Turns out the guy is a player and a womanizer :/. My friend works in his department and said he pretends to like girls to get sex and then leaves them. Sad day.


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  • I guess he likes you, I and one of my friend used to talk at night only and that's our time, for us only. I still like her the most. I gave her a special time because she's special for me. So it might be an assertive sign from his side. So if you like him, you guys can go great.

  • Yes and no. I mean if he doesn't have time in the day to text and can't focus on having a conversation with you during the day, I don't think there's anything wrong with him texting you at night when he can have time and focus. On the other hand, you could be someone that he only wants to speak with late.

    • Hm yeah. I'm not really sure which it is. I think maybe he gets bored and lonely at night, but is also busy during the day? I'm not sure.

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    • You know that guys aren't always responsible for doing everything in relationships of any dynamic, right? =)

    • haha well I used to text him first ALL the time and it seemed like he wasn't that interested in talking... but when he texts me he's interested in talking...? idk! I think he's indecisive on how he feels about me tbh

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