Coffee date. Any tips?

I'm going on a coffee date with a girl I haven't seen before. We've texted a few times and she seems to think I'm funny. From her pictures, she's attractive. Any tips out there? I also don't want to be thought of as "just a friend" afterwards.


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  • You should of course pay, compliment her and giv her a hug afterward maybe a kiss on the cheek. The best way to stay out of the "friend zone" is to not treat her like a friend.

  • 1) compliment her: tell her she looks great in whatever she's wearing

    2) pay: that'll make it clear it's a 'date', not two friends chatting

    3) casually look up and down at her. once a guy did the following and it was really hot: start from her feet and slowly go up, don't dwell on her boobs, just keep going up and then spend a few more seconds admiring her lips and finally her eyes. lock gazes and smile charmingly.

    I promise she'll love it and there's no way she'll think you wanna be just friends with her!

    hope it helped!

    now, could you answer my question plz?



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