Guys, how do you text a girl you're not interested in?

When you know for a fact that she likes you and you're not close friends at all.

Do you try to keep a distance to her annuendos, as in making it clear that there's no intention on your side? Would you use Emojis frequently? Would you flirt with her just because you feel desired?


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  • No not at all, I would wonder why I am even texting her if I wasn't really a friend or that close. Emoticons are there for flirting gestures I thought, so I really wouldn't use these unless it was just in general conversation.x

    • Let's say you just like to use emoticons generally, would you still make use of them without even paying attention to it or not?

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    • Okay that helped a lot, thank you :)

    • Your welcome,x

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  • It really depends on the person...

    But for me, I would respond appropriately and not try to lead her with flirting.


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