I think I like a girl besides my girlfriend

There's this girl I met and really liked first, but later I discovered she had a boyfriend already. So I laid low a while but we still talked. Within that time I met another girl and we hit it off, but not as much as the first one. The first girl broke up with her boyfriend and fast forward we're now dating. I still like the other girl (she doesn't know I'm dating another girl) but not as much as the first,what can I do there?


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  • Do you want your relationship with the first girl to work? Do you love her? Are you just wondering what you missed out on, or wondering what life is like outside of the relationship? Do you honestly WANT girl one (aka you're not just afraid of ending up alone, or using her - do you love her?)? If so: Figure out what the first girl is lacking that the second girl gives you. What do you desire from the second girl? Why isn't the first girl enough? That's something you need to discuss, and maybe add to your relationship. For example, maybe you don't think you two talk enough, or watch movies enough, or whatever it might be. You can improve your relationship with this knowledge.

    If you don't want girl one, then break up with her. It's not fair to her to have her in the relationship if there's no future and you know it. Then you can try dating girl two, IF you want to. Or are you just missing your single lifestyle and the freedom that comes with it?


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  • A) The logical choice: Go out w/the girl you want to be with. Make a decision. If it were me, I'd go w/the first girl (you connected better with).

    B) The reckless, probably-going-to-end-poorly-for-everyone choice: If you're in an open relationship, attempt dating both until you find out which one you like more, then break up with the other one.

    C) Le Douchebag choice: Attempt to date both and keep it a secret. (Never works out & you'll probably end up w/nothing.)

  • I think that you are self absorbed and care only for yourself. What I think is you should put yourself in your GF's shoes and think about how that would make you feel!

    Relationships take work and if you are working on two you are going to end up with none!

    • What are you talking about? He's being honest and can't control what his heart wants. You don't stay with someone out of obligation. Especially when you're not married. He's gonna end up resenting her. How is he self absorbed for liking someone?

    • It's self absorbed to be seeing 2 people at the same time. He should make a decision and pick one. Simple.

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  • It's settled, go for the one you want more. It's okay as long as you break up with the other girl before you sleep with the one you like more. Just don't cheat.