If you arr 27 years old, should you still wait for your first date acceptance or give up?

If your 27 years old , should you still wait for your first date acceptance or give up?

if I did get my first date today people would probably make fun of my excitement but they have no idea how it feels too be the odd person Who's left out do too his immigrant/outcast status and even if he treid so hard too fit in people will always see him as different or untrust-worthy ... I came here as a baby so I can't go back and fit in my own country as well

when will people become more open minded and see that we are not different at all? Basically your already weird just by being a 2nd classic citizen/immigrant and pissing people of because you are taking jobs and breathing the same air. :)


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  • I think part of the problem is that you are somewhat judgmental of the nation born citizens as well. Maybe if you didn't say to your self "this feels hopeless, they will never understand where I am coming from, etc." you would realize that as humans, in some shape or form, we all struggle with fitting in and feeling accepted. Yes, the fact is that some Americans might feel that way but those are close-minded cynical people who like to blame others for their problems in life. Don't be like them. Give love a chance! When you give off the vibe that you are insecure you let people see this nervous energy and if you do that you might be leading people to think you have something to hide, which can lead to them not trusting you. Work on your confidence and you will flourish.


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  • If you act like a king you will be treated like a king.

    a man's position in the busy street of life is where HE puts himself.

    hope you got my point.

    best of luck

  • Stop trying so hard... It's easier when you don't give a f***.