Is it best to remain unavailable for guys?

So when you are dating is it best to stay unavailable? Like have him text you first or call you first. Wait a couple hours to text back. I always let him make the plans. It's all about the chase right?

Or another example if the guy I'm seeing goes MIA for almost 3 days should I wait and let him contact me if he's busy working. I feel like I'm always the one first texting or calling him first. What's up?


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  • Depends on the guy. If it were me, and a girl left it up to me to do everything first, I'd question whether I was wasting my time. So, to answer your question "is it best to remain unavailable for guys?", it entirely depends on the guy and the outcome you want. If a girl remained unavailable to me, then I'd stop putting any effort in whatsoever and would be out of there quickly.

    If you want the guy to text you/call you first, you'd have to give him a reason to. If you just expect him to it probably won't happen. It's tough for me to give you advice based on the little info you've given. I'd say text him. Whether you should continue to text him depends on his responses.


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  • How long have you both been dating? If it has been no more than 2 or 3 months, 3 days tops would be kinda pushing it to not have contact and would be a good idea to question the friendship. But if longer than roughly 3 months its a real deal-breaker. Either he isn't interested in being with you, on the prawl, or just busy and exhausted.. Know when I get tired I get more serious and somebody that don't know me may think I'm an unapproachable grump

    • we've been dating 4 months. he is a workaholic though. he told me on Saturday he is into me. it doesn't seem like it. Actions speak louder than works right? What should I do text him?

    • know how that could be, and it sucks... I bet he really is into you, and wish for things to be better such as more free time, I'm not the one to say though but if that's the case try to see if possibly it could make it easier if you move in with him so long as your both comfortable enough with that. So that way you both could pay half of rent.. That way he won't have to work so much and more time for both of you to hang out, but one definite thing that's a must.. Make sure to have one or 2 days off

    • Sorry bout that, ran out of But if that happens, try to have one or 2 days off per week just for the 2 of you. So in that way, he won't be too exhausted to speak to anyone or be of good company and you wouldn't feel put out or unwanted..

  • why don't you just do what you want to do.

  • If you're still single at your age then you should better reconsider it.


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  • Hmm.. stop playing games.. just relax! and don't think so much. If you want to talk to someone, talk to them. IF they don't talk back, don't worry about it... find things that you love to occupy your time and better yourself. It seems like you don't want to come across as being clingy or needy. but if you have your own things going on, you'll be doing your own thing and not worry about who is text you back or not. ENJOY yourself, and just enjoy getting to know people. Be yourself and don't try to play games... there are no rules in love. ...I'm going to trough this site out here cause it helped me alot, I really don't want you to think I'm spamming! lol so check it out or not. but it's a lot like this site and very helpful.

    • yeah, stop playing games and making yourself feel uncomfortable by being someone you are not.

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