Tips for online dating?

I'm on the free dating site Oasis and there are loads of attractive young women and I have loads on my contacts, my profile seems to go down well. Many of my contacts I've still not spoken too because they're never online.

But anyway, the thing is when I get to chatting to girls, the few that I have, it feels like we get on well and I've developed a liking for the most of the girls that I have spoken to online but then things just seem to stop progressing, and start feeling boring. Like I just give a first impression but then they get bored of me. I dunno' maybe I'm too polite, and then there's the thing where I feel like I talk too much about my interests (I have A S).

So recently I've started trying not to talk loads about my interests and instead what happens is conversation is very... non-existent. Do girls just not talk much online or what? See I don't understand why a girl would join a dating site just to then not talk to the guys on her contacts. The girls I'm talking about are nice to me, they seem to like me.

So I'm thinkin', is it something to do with that I'm too... generic in the things I talk about? I don't talk enough about feelings? One time I tried asking a girl how she felt about me but she gave a convoluted answer. I'd appreciate some tips on the kinds of things I should say during online chat. I still haven't gotten to the point where I actually meet one of these girls in person and y'know there are a couple who I've wanted to/want to.


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  • It sounds to me your focused on the conversation, flirting and whatever else is on your mind. I've got a friend whose on those free dating sites and friends on the paid ones.

    THe ones one the paid ones got into relationships and one even got married in 5 months (believe... it's nuts) but that pay filter really does up the quality because you are basically right now criagslist dating.

    Anyways, I say do less chatting and more calling.

    "i find you cute"

    - Great lets talk on the phone for a little bit

    Done. No more chatting and not knowing if it's a dude.

    • It's not craigslist dating it's Oasis dating. I've tried both and and yet I found them... worse. I was paying for a worse service... the main reason for this was because nobody was ever online. I bought a three month subscription to one of the above two and most of the contact requests I sent out were not even viewed because apparently my matches went that whole three months without going online.

      I've asked girls to talk on the phone on Oasis but then they get all

    • weird... and I'm the one with bloody AS (something which I haven't told any girls I've met online so far). The only girl who wanted to talk on the phone was the first one I met way back, who lives way too far away from me and we ended up just stopping talking despite a nice conversation on the phone the first night.

      Oh yeah another thing about match and eharmony is that most of the girls on there are way older than me, invariably mothers or divorced... man I'm 21 so I don't appeal to a

    • lot of the women on match and eharmony because it appears I'm too young for them. The young populace is generally on Oasis.