Should I text him ? Confused maybe he decided I wasn't for him?

Met a nice guy on a dating site in the beginning of December, we talked emailed for a bit then talked on the phone for over a week before we met in person. Through talking we discovered he dated a friend of mine years ago, and I more recently dated one of his friends- he said he was OK with that since it was hard to find an attractive women in our area.

He asked to come over one night to meet, and since he knew where I lived because of his friend I said OK, (we never met prior, he just knew where I lived because he was working on my road once and his friend was on his way to my house) I was a little disappointed because his pictures where probably from 15 years old, but since he was a really nice guy, I decided to still get to know him. He called and text me every day, and came over one other night and hung out. We didn't sleep together but there was definitely some sexual chemistry going on, a lot of touching. He hasn't called me since January 3rd, and he hasn't text- I text him on the 5th and he responded and I texted him again on the 7th and he responded. I haven't text him since hoping he would text me, but nothing.

I am really confused since he seemed to be really into me, he would even start phone sex conversations, tell me I was pretty and have a great body- He said a few times he felt like he gained weight, I thought he had a nice body too and told him so.

We seemed to have a lot in common and got along great.

Should I try texting him again or just let it be because he might have met someone else? Or could he really feel that bad about himself he is afraid to let me see him without clothes on? Do guys feel like women do in that area?


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  • not really, unless he's really obese maybe but I don't think guys are that concerned with what women would think when they see our body.

    As for the no contact, let him be. Maybe he's busy, maybe he finds another girl. Point is if he wants to contact you he will, men will always contact the woman they like. During the courting phase it's okay to be attracted to someone but before he/she actually becomes your partner it's important not to get too emotionally invested and keep your options open because there's always a chance he/she will let you down.


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