Cannot figure her out.

Okay before I start ill try to explain it the best way I can but it super complicated beyond words but ill put the main idea.

Im 21 she's 24

so me and a good friend started to get more serious we go on dates we kiss we plan little trips together etc, I tell her how much I care for her and how much I want

a relationship with her and all her family wants to see us together because I treat her like a princess, but she tells me because she isn't ready for a relationship

shes been hurt too many times in past relationships and just wants to figure out her life and because for me sometimes I can be imature and she wants me to grow up,

we still hangout go to each others houses watch movies and cuddle, give her goodniht kisses and everything but recently she kinda started to ignore me and I'm confused. and it seems like she's trying to pick fights over little things like she's trying to test me to see if ill leave her like the other people and what bothers me is she started hanging out with another guy recently I don't know if I should be worried or not.


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  • Maybe she wants to test your boundaries.. See how much it'd take for you to give up on her/leave her? Some sort of safetycheck.. I don't know... Hard to say.. But don't give up on her!


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