Why my man doesn't answer my calls/text?

the person that I love so much don't answer my calls/text. I'm confused because I'd noticed that he only phone me when he wants to have sex or have something to ask from me. need help!


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  • I don't think he's in love with you, it sounds like you're more a booty call or a FWB. Did you start having sex with him and then expect him to just fall in love? You didn't describe much in your original question. How did you meet him and what lead up to this point? How long have you been seeing him?

    • he is my neighbor, it was all started when I went to their house to visit his daughter and then he asked my mobile #. he always telling me that he likes me and he loves being with me and my daughter. we both has a very complicated married life. pls help me..my feelings for him is getting deeper..

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    • Honestly, what did you think it was? I mean you're his next door neighbor? You guys weren't going to swap houses lol. Just tell him you don't think it is wise and that you want to work on your own family issues alone. End of story.

    • thank you so much!

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  • Ask him why. But I do think he does not respect you enough to reply to you. He thinks of you as a friends with benefits partner. Try to not answer him.. Or if you do and he asks about sex, just say no.

    Your a real person with real feelings. He will use you for sex until he finds some one he respects. Then he won't call at all

    Good luck


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  • Well you already answer your self, he just want you when he want, don't think that you deserved someone who can give you all the time that you need and love at the same time?...Love your self first than this guy...You definitely deserved to be LOVED.