This turned into a date...will there be another?

Sometimes when my cousin comes to visit I will hang with him and his friend well his friend was talking about the cupcake and I told him I wanted to try it so yesterday he calls and tells me he bought me the cupcake. I went to his place to get it and long story short we ended up going to the movies which I guess was a date. Well it went nice and he said that if I wanted to go this wknd just let him kno. Well I haven't heard from him today but I'm curious to kno could he possibly be honestly interested? Should I mention the movies for this wknd or wait until he contacts me.


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  • He could be interested. He told you to let him know if you wanted to go this weekend, so you should let him know if you want to go or not. He is probably waiting to hear back from you I would consider it kind of like a date.Did he pay for your ticket?If he did then I would consider it a date. It seems like you had fun with him.

    • Yes he bought the ticket but why hasn't he contacted me. I sent a good morning text this morning but no reply back from him

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    • So should I not attempt to contact him.anymore? And just wait for him to reach out?

    • It's always a tough call to make when texting. The thing I do when girls don't text right away is I send some follow up texts just to see if they text back or not. If they don't text back when I don't send at least 3 or 4 follow up text then I just save their number just in case and don't text them no more. You be surprised on how many times months past by and I get a random text from somebody that I haven't talked to in a maybe send him one or 2 and if not then you can wait or let it go.

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