I made out with a guy I wasn't dating, does that make me 'easy'?

I just want opinions on this, as you can tell from the question, I made out with a guy that I wasn't dating, he's older, and we had been flirting, but he never really told me he liked me. He initiated it, but I didn't say no.

does that make me 'easy'?

by the way, I did NOT let him feel me up or anything.


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  • I wouldn't say that's too bad, but I think it is best to avoid it to make the guy think you aren't easy, even if you aren't. The impression is more true sometimes than the truth itself. Meaning you may have not slept around a lot, but it doesn't hurt to error on the safe side at the beginning of dating someone. Are you guys headed towards a relationship or not? Are more dates set up? Have you told him that you're the type of girl that wants an exclusive relationship at some point?

    • No, I don't think we will be in a relationship, and I haven't told him about the whole exclusive relationship thing, because I don't want to scare him away. he's the kind of guy that is kind of afraid/reluctant to settle down...

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    • Perhaps he likes you better as a friend? If you want a spark, you don't be too available. Date him if he makes the offers, but don't become a hook up for him. Tell him you could see yourself in a relationship with him if that's what he really wants. You've known him long enough to be that open with him without scaring him off. If that's what he really wants, he'll agree. It is that simple. This isn't some random guy. Be blunt.

    • Okay, thanks heaps :)

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  • No, girl, this isn't 1800! :) these days guys and girls can be casual with hook ups if they want to without being judged as some kind of slut

  • No. Being easy is f***ing everything guy whos says your pretty or hits on you or really, is just breathing... Making out is like one step after a kiss. Its not slutty or make you easy and he wasn't even feeling on you.