I give up on her because she won't return my texts, but then she acts so into me when she sees me?

I wonder if she just loves my attention but doesn't actually like me.

She used to flirt with me all the time in our college class. And she even texted me a few times. I asked her out and she said yes. Then she cancelled. She started ignoring my texts after that.

I gave up, then I saw her at a party and she ran over and kissed me and couldn't keep her hands off me all night. Its been about a month and she won't reply to me when I text her, but she keeps getting really physical with me when she sees me and even invited me to stay at her place once.

Its really confusing me.


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  • I think you should get her out of your mind. She is an immature, attention-seeking and manipulative girl. Do you want that kind of drama in your life? She will drive you crazy. I think you deserve better.

    She is blowing hot and cold because she does what pleases her. She doesn't really like you. I guess she doesn't know yet what love/like is all about. She wants to have fun with whomever she can get. You were under her spotlight for sometime then she chased after another guy. Hence, she didn't respond because she forgot all about you. It's not about you or other guys. It's all about her and what pleases her.

    When she saw you at that party, she probably liked how you looked like and thought why not? Don't take her acts so seriously because I bet she does what she wants on the spot then forget all about it the next day. She asked you to join her at her place because she wanted someone that night and you looked good or turned her on. Again, it's all about her.

    Again, she didn't respond to your calls/texts because you were forgotten once more. She isn't serious about you and I bet not serious about any other man. She's enjoying life and living it to the fullest with no strings attached.

    She deserves a guy who thinks the same as her...wanting to have fun with no strings attached moving from one girl to another with no heart feelings.

    I don't think that's what you want, right?

    I know it seems heartless and unbelievable, but such people (girls and guys) exist.


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