Both blowing hot then cold is this even worth persuing?

So an ex should always be an ex right, that doesn't stop me checking them out on Facebook now and again, I don't expect them to be available.

I did this and came across an ex I have looked up before but never found, sent him message, backtracked and left Facebook. I joined up 2 weeks later, totally forgetting contacting him and he messaged me, we had some light hearted fun about the past (wasn't a bad ending we were both young and changed friends), then he asked me for coffee. I wasn't too sure but gave him my number he called me and we set up a date. To meet up as friends...

Date was nice, good fun, we laughed all night. He mentioned coffee/cake next day but I had something on (my children). HE would have liked sex but I told he in advance I don't sleep around and yeah he was an ex but that doesn't count, in my life anyway. We kissed a few times.

He also has children so this makes us quite busy. All was going fine-ish 2 texts daily, then I drunk texted him, basically saying he confused me and take care (end of). Then I was a bit upset, as you get that when you do silly things..

I kept him on Facebook but I kept myself to myself, made one comment on his FB over an article.

3 days after this he sent me message via Facebook saying Happy Christmas Darling, (name calling?) 'I haven't forgot about you, remember the text you sent saying take car e ct etc... I answered with 'yes sorry, I have not drank since then can you see why happy new year erm.. Darling? x' :)

Then heard nothing?

Does anyone have any idea what is going on here. If anything and is there any way back from this without looking needy. I would ideally like us to date again.

I'm currently being quiet and keeping myself to myself, I think if he was interested he would make of an effort or maybe I messed it up from the start being so scared of 'GETTING HURT' so may have answered my own question.


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  • Ask him out on a date then.


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  • No.