She stopped texting me all at once?

So this girl and I started to hit it off. We live in different towns and both go to school. We hadn't texted much but we were for a day (she texted me first) then I let it go for a day and texted her first. She always used a lot of ! and :) when texting me. She texted me middle of the day and I was busy, I told her I'd hit her back when I got done for the day. When I did she responded immediately asking me how my day was and I told her and asked her and she said she had a great day. I asked her what she was up to that night and I got dead air. I text her again 4 hours later and make a little joke about how slow she is to reply, still dead air. I go to bed and all day and nothing. She seemed so upbeat and positive and really happy to talk to me now Boom, silence. I'm racking my brain trying to understand what happened all of a sudden at 7pm that she couldn't say anything back? A simple I'm busy would have done the trick. I really try not to be needy but am I wrong to expect a little common courtesy? Should I write her off as a flake and move on?

I asked her what she was doing because I intended to see if she wanted to talk on the phone so don't throw that I should be calling her in my face.


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  • Seems like she didn't want to answer your question about what she was up to that night.