Should I call my ex back?

So this guy broke up with me after 4 months saying he had doubts. I was really heart broken but I said I didn't want to still be friends as I knew that was best. This was a month ago

He said he understood but then he sent a text saying how much he missed my friendship. Then he sent other texts wishing me happy Christmas etc. I wished him a happy new year back but that was the first text I'd sent after 4 texts from him. He replied saying we should speak on the phone if I wanted. I didn't text back then he called and texted again. I still haven't texted or called back.

Should I call back and possibly feel worse after speaking or should I text or not do anything? I'm scared if I ignore him completely I'm closing this door. It's probably already closed but I do miss him so much


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  • i suppose you can speak to him and ask what he wants. If you are just his "girl on a string" then move on. Otherwise it could be an opportunity to try again. It is risky, but sometimes that is what life is about...

    • Thanks I forgot to mention also that he kissed someone else towards the end and slept round twice before telling me.. Also I was always more enthusiastic than him about making plans as he always had the doubts but he said they were going. I was also ill so he knew I only had him as I wasn't able to go out or work etc while he attended all the parties he could. Does that change your opinion?

    • I mean he slept round mine and we had sex twice before he told me not that he slept with other people!

    • If the two of you can have a real heart-to-heart and define what you really want, then it might be worth it. But as I said, if you are his girl-on-a-string, meaning that you are what he comes back to when he has nothing else, then move one.

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  • I say take the risk and talk to him. He is obviously reaching out to you for a reason and maybe it is because he regrets breaking up with you...but don't hold your breath. If he truly just wants a friendship then move on. It is very difficult to be friends w an ex. So talk to him and see where your conversation goes. If he wants to get back together, don't say yes right away. Make him work for it, make him see how important and special you are and if he really wants you, he will come begging on his knees ;-)