Is this creepy that I passed my contact info to a Mormon missionary via his friend?

Well I guess I kind of wanted to date this guy but sad thing is he is a mormon missionary and they're not allowed to date. He has a partner who he preaches with but now his partner answers the phone and no longer him lol so I'm wondering if he's no longer allowed to? Anyways... I was wondering about saying "Could you tell _____ that I like him and here's my contact info (phone number) so that when he gets off his mission we can hang out/ date?" is that creepy? I had a feeling that... the Mormon missionary actually liked me lol when he visited my house cause he was flirting :P and he was cute.. but is it creepy that I ask his missionary friend to give him my contact info.. so that after his mission we can hang out? lol

And.. mormon missionaries are not allowed to date or talk to girls so I'm wondering lol he probably doesn't want to talk to me out of temptation because last time they came over I dressed nicely and flirted a little xD Lol
Oh and his partner is a guy missionary to lol not a girl
Thank you to those who have not judged me. But I did find this guy cute and when he came over to my house with his mission friends he was flirting with me I just think what if his companion is not letting him have the phone lol because he doesn't want him to be tempted? I could be wrong though lol. or maybe the guys not interested BUT when he was over here.. he was flirting with me lol so I don't know I was thinking about calling and saying "heres my contact info maybe after your mission you can hangout


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  • I think you based your interest in this guy just by his looks. Mormons are mostly cute, don't you think? Ok, seriously, I think he don't feel the same if he's passing his phone to his partner when you call. It's not that you're not cute too, he's just focused on his beliefs and mission now. Time to look for other cute guys out there and there's plenty who would gladly flirt back. Good luck.


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  • Dang it's like seeing an advertisement for a car which as good as it looks, you can't drive it, you can't even sit in it or even open it, all you can do is look at it... and despite all that you still want that to be your car! Why? It doesn't work the way a car is supposed to work, or maybe I should say it doesn't work the way you require your car to work.

    That's this guy. He doesn't work the way a guy is supposed to work (to be fair neither do I but for me it's because I'm socially retarded therefore I deserve to be treated like a freak). He doesn't work the way a guy is supposed to work in the non-mormon community anyway, he's a great mormon, but the thing is you're not a mormon. If you want this guy then you will have to become a proper serious mormon... in other words conform to a way of life and system of beliefs which is quite epitomising of absurdity.

    This guy doesn't work the way you require your guy to work, just like the car that doesn't work the way you require your car to work.

    • Ooh! I was expecting vote downs not up, for being too controversial and tactless. I'm not complaining of course.

  • Well the person who a Mormon is partenered with for the mission has to be the same gender, and they are not supposed to talk to people of the other gender. My friend asked a lot to the ones on our campus.

    • They have to speak to the other gender at some point otherwise they die out... you mean they can't speak to the other gender until a certain age right?

      Gosh darn mormon is absurd if this is true... repressing a basic, natural instinct - to talk to and flirt with the other gender.

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    • Thank you Electric Dreams. It does suck. I wish Mormon missionaries were more lax because what if htey meet a nice girl on their mission no harm there right? :d lol

    • I agree but they are serious about it I guess.

  • Well... based on my personal experience of them I tend to find Mormon missionaries creepy lol. It's not creepy to want to flirt with an attractive guy. Your one consideration is whether other members of the church will give you trouble if you're perceived to have 'tempted' him. At the end of the day, assuming you're not a Mormon, you're not doing anything wrong. Do bear in mind that they're generally not supposed to date or marry outside their religion though, so this may be an issue!

    • Yes some mormon missionaries are creepy I admit but the 2 guys that came over were cute and friendly and I liked one of them and I could tell he was flirting back with me lol but he's not allowed to do anything which sucks lol xD!

    • If they're not allowed do anything there's probably very little chance of anything happening, which is a shame, but you're still not doing anything creepy :)

  • Why do you keep flirting with him when it is against his beliefs? Find yourself another guy who is actually available!

    • I don't know I thought he was cute and I liked him.

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    • Honestly it sucks though... I like him as a person lol sucks though. I dunno

    • You're being creepy. He's handing the phone over to his partner so he doesn't have to talk to you. He's making it as clear as possible that he doesn't want to interact with you. Put yourself in his shoes. You'd think the guy was a stalker if someone did this to you. Stop making yourself look creepy. There are millions of single guys out there. Yes, you liked him, but there are other guys out there. Find them!

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  • Yeah it's sort of really mean to flirt with him because he's trying really hard to devote his time to God right now. I would stop if he's serious about his mission he won't give ANY girl the time of day. Message me if you want clarification or have questions! Dang those cute elders!