Is he playing me? Or am I tripping?

K so basically I met this guy at a party like a month ago.. He approached me and was like saying the stupidest funny stuff. But he's cute so I found it quirky. every time I'd walk by he'd be like HEY GIRL, HII..but it's funny because he's like short and puerto rican..and has curly hair like me..oh well. found out he lives in florida and I live in cali..and he said he's in my city "all the time" and is "going to move here soon" so anyway, he texted me for like a week straight like 2 weeks ago. and was like being so sweet and perfect and funny and I really liked him. it was a good week. I got attached to him and was loving the attention. he was so sweet. then he disappeared on me. I don't know if he was waiting to see if I would text him first, but I never did...he started liking all my pics on instagram. then he started texting me again recently but I've been cold to him and I won't tell him why. he really really hurt my feelings by disappearing. so whatever, I texted him today and he was like hey cutie I can't wait to see you on your birthday in exactly one month :) I was like what you remembered? he was like yeah and I'm taking you out to dinner. I was like oh yeah? he was like whatever and I was like don't whatever me he was like, well I told you already I was taking you out on your birthday. then we started arguing a little bit. (I THOUGHT LIKE MOST PEOPLE, SINCE HE STOPPED TEXTING ME that it was dunzo and I shouldn't expect anything from him) but then he comes out ouf nowhere and says that..i can't even be mad..guys, what do you think he's thinking? thank u!


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  • I think he's genuine to you.

    About the disappearance, perhaps, there's a real deep issue behind it that's why he can't contact you.

    • So what am I supposed to do when he just disappears then reappears?

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