He mentions marriage "tomorrow" but won't commit to being in a relationship?

This guy and I met on a dating website and have been talking to each other for four months now. In the beginning we didn't get to see each other a lot do to his late work schedule and me being a teacher. However, this past month we have seen each other at least once a week and talk more frequently. We are both not seeing anyone else since we have met but we are both still on the dating websites.

We had a talk about a week ago where I expressed that I wanted to be with him and him only which meant no more dating websites. He agreed that he had very strong feelings for me but he was scared of hurting me and that he would "change" my thoughts on waiting for marriage. However, this is the guy who waited four months to make out with me out of respect for that decision.

He said that if he were to get married tomorrow it would be to me and that I am that perfect girl. At this point right now, we have gone from dating to trying a "friendship" even though it is VERY obvious we both feel otherwise.

He also told me he would not tell me that he was willing to wait (for sex) with me until he was willing to be married because he knows that is what it means for me.

My question is, is he just not ready to be in a serious relationship yet and when he is, he will be with me? This guy has never given me a reason to believe he is lying to me or that he would say something that isn't true.

I just can't stop thinking about that fact that he says I'm that girl he would want to marry tomorrow but he hasn't decided to be in a relationship with me. I think it is because he knows once we are in a relationship, it will get serious due to the mutual feelings we have for one another. He also has expressed to me many times that he doesn't want me out of his life. He wants me to always be in his life.

When we talked a week ago he was okay with me still being on the dating websites. Now, he keeps mentioning that I'm on them all the time and it seems to bother him.

I just need reassurance that I am on the right track with this guy. My heart tells me it is real this time but I am scared that being labeled friends will just get me hurt in the end.

There is a lot more too it than this but I tried to summarize it lol

I forgot to mention that two days ago he called me just to talk which he has NEVER done before. Usually he texts me or comes over to talk lol
Oh and the other day when he called me he mentioned me being on the dating website all the time. I told him it was a joke to me now. He had told me I wouldn't find anyone on there fit for a queen (implying that I'm a queen). So I asked why he was still on it and he said because I was still on it. So I am confused on that since a week ago I told him I didn't like that he was on it and he didn't get off of it.


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  • I think he's still not ready for a relationship, though he's painstakingly working his way to you. About the marriage, he's sincere about his words so don't worry.

    And also, I reassure you that you're on the right track with the guy.


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