Have you ever dated someone you didn't even like?

They guys were giving me a hard time the other day because I just turned 18 and have never had a boyfriend or even been kissed. The thing is I get asked out from time to time, but I have turned down every asker. Either they were a friend I didn't feel the same for, some random guy I barely knew their name, someone who had a reputation for being a player, or wasn't the right guy at the right time. When I explianed this to my friends they basically called bs. Apparently they have dated girls they didn't like for various reasons. A few of them even said they didn't know that they liked someone until after a few dates. That just doesn't make sense to me. Have you gone out with someone you didn't have feeling for? Why?


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  • I've never done that. I believe in wasting my time with someone that I don't feel anything for

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