What do I do about my boyfriend? So far I've done nothing so I want your advice

He invited me to this party with him but I m to sick to go. I know there is loads of single girls there and I am an insecure person. My boyfriend knows this but he has not text me at all and he is there? Do I text him? or do I just ignore him and assume he is having to much fun to even think about me?


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  • This is the whole problem with phones and with being constantly available. A few years ago, nobody expected their partner to contact them when they're out with friends/at a party. It has nothing to do with him having too much fun, or with him not thinking of you. Just try to relax.

    I can somewhat relate to you, but you really need to learn how to relax when it comes to these things because if you continue to worry whenever he doesn't text, you are going to cause unnecessary tension in your relationship.

    Don't text him. Also, you're not "ignoring" him. You're letting him live his life.

    • When I was younger I would text call and go mad. But I've not called or text once and I m not really worried because if he does no good he is no good and I'm sure its fine. If you can relate do you understand that I m having trouble with just the fact he not text at all and trying to take it maturely ? I normally drop him a text when I m out as he is paranoid I d cheat on him.

    • I can understand you. I'm a very intense person and usually do all the things I shouldn't when I like a guy. But when it comes to others I can be more objective! ;-)

    • Oh cool :-) I'm pretty intense as well. I'm glad I'm not alone . Thanks for your help :-)

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  • Okay I am by no means being rude but look at it this way. Your friends and you are at a party, but one if your friends is on the phone the entire time instead of just having fun with you. That would be rude of them. Or look at it this way, if you were at a party would you want to have to be on the phone the entire time? No. So just let him have fun at the party and e will text you tommorow. It's a small mole hill, make no mountains.

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