Girls, Would you ask the guy your dating to be your boyfriend?

As stated above or guys, how would you feel?

Me and him have been dating/talking for 4 months.


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  • If she wants to be my girlfriend, I have no issue her bringing it up at the four month mark. In fact, I would think that is on the longer end of the scale without talking about it. Where a lot of girls go wrong is if they have been sleeping with the guy, avoiding the talk about liking him and wanting a relationship with him, then switch gears and be like, I want you now as a boyfriend, when you were just a hook up before. Have you had sex with him yet, or not?

    • yes we have. I have brought up the fact that I like him with him and he agreed.

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    • he said I don't know right now... I think he likes it slower

    • Four months isn't too soon to know if you want to be boyfriend/girlfriend in my book. It is too soon to want to get married, it isn't too soon to be exclusive and not date/sleep with other girls if he's really crazy about you. Personally, I don't recommend sleeping with guys before they commit only because they have the upper hand in holding out, like what he's doing. Just keep that in mind for future guys. For the current guy, four months is enough. No commitment, just fade away from his life. No more sex.

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  • I think being asked to go steady from the one your dating is a compliment, because to me this is them admitting your worth as someone who is worthy of them, so I would always enjoy being ask, hopefully it would only be that once, but we can't always be that lucky lol,x

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  • If you've been dating for 4 months and he's still not your boyfriend then something is wrong