Too Close for Comfort?

I started dating this guy two months ago and we became friends through work. (even though I used to dislike him.) then we started dating. And I really like him. And he says he really likes me. And he knows a lot about me(things even my closest friends don't even know.) And I'm scared. I feel like I should completely and totally break it off before things get any farther and we get any closer. I'm content with loneliness and I don't mind being single but he does make me happy and I do like him even though I suck when it comes to relationships and my past relationships have not been good. He's the first boyfriend I've ever gotten close to. I need to know what I should do. Should I break up with him? Should I put more distance between us so I can go back into my comfort zone. Or should I let this happen and continue on dating him?


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  • Why did you use to dislike him? You didn't tell us why and I think that's very important information. Also, you should mention why your past relationships didn't work out so we can understand what we're dealing with here. Getting out of a comfort zone is a healthy thing, as long as you're with a person that is trustworthy and compatible for you. Has he ever been dishonest with you?

    • I didn't like him because when I first started working with him he had a smart ass attitude and I'd bitch at him a lot. But once I got to know him I like what a smart ass he was and how we both managed to get along. And my past relationships didn't work because the past boyfriends would try to be there for me and I'd push them away apparently. And I'd always dump them when they kept pushing to get closer. No, he's never be dishonest with me as far as I know.

    • Sounds like you're just afraid of getting close to a guy. You said he's been honest, which is what matters most. Don't pull back as long as he continues to be honest. Just move slowly and at a pace that doesn't freak you out. YOu need not share every detail right away. I've dated girls like you before. From the male perspective, you just have to give hte girl time before she comes out of her shell a bit and feels comfortable opening up. Keep dating him and take it slowly.

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  • If this guy is making you happy and you feel comfortable with him, then I see no reason to break up with him. It does sound like you're a little scared of commitment and getting close to him given your past experiences, but try to just take things slowly and enjoy your time together, rather than worrying too much about commitment and where the relationship is going... Enjoy each others company and going out places together while still finding time to do your own things and/or hang out with your friends. Try to let the relationship develop naturally over time rather than trying to force anything and hopefully this one might work out for you... So I wish you the best of luck and feel free to ask me any other questions if you wish... :o)


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