I can't get him out of my mind.

I met this guy a few months ago at a close friend's house and shortly after he messaged me on Facebook. Over the next couple months, we would take turns initiating a conversation with one another via Facebook or text (he gave me his number). Our conversations were always really good, he would ask lots of questions about me and I would about him. He would even constantly ask me to hang out at some future date, but he wouldn't actually message me on that date to hang out. After awhile, I felt as though I was contacting him but he wasn't contacting me back, so I stopped messaging him. It's been a couple months now and I still can't seem to get him off my mind. I'm afraid that he isn't interested anymore though. Should I let this go or try to talk to him again?


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  • If it's been two month and he hasn't contacted you in anyway and he was the one who blocked you off,I say cut the ropes and let it go.That's just me.Unless there are details I don't know about.

    • He didn't block me in anyway, he just stopped being the one to initiate the conversation. If I was the one to initiate the conversation though, we would still talk for a lengthy conversation with back and forth questions, smiley faces, sharing information about our lives, etc. I just didn't want to keep initiating a conversation if he only responded because he was a nice guy and I didn't want to do all the work.

    • I don't know but two months are way too long,if I were interested,I would definitely initiate,unless a car hit me or sth..

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  • I don't think he's interested. I think you should just let it go... for now at at least. If he comes back in the future and proves to be more consistent, then maybe you give him another chance. For now though, I would put my focus somewhere else.

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