A question about college dating

do you need to have sex before you ask a girl to be your girlfriend?


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  • Yes and no.

    If you go after the more geeky, quiet guys who pay attention to their studies and only have average looks but above average personalities, then no, they won't force you to have sex.

    If you go after the super hot and popular frat guys who are used to girls putting out quickly and often (many times with multiple girls on the side), then yes, you need to put out or they'll ignore you.

    Your choice in men and who you choose to chase will determine if you need to put out quickly. The hotter and more popular the guy, the faster he'll expect you to have sex, especially if there's alcohol involved. If you're okay with dating only average looking guys that aren't party animals, you'll find more quality boyfriend material.


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  • not at all : in fact it should be the opposite... mutual attraction ; period of knowing each other and then asking to be his girlfriend and when all right about your feeling : sex when you are ready.

    but maybe I am too old fashionned.

  • It would depend on the girl.


What Girls Said 1

  • NO! That should never be a requirement. It's actually more likely for a guy to just expect regular, casual sex from you if you don't have a relationship established first. At least in my experience

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