Is it just me who gets "clingy" in the beginning?

When I talk to a guy on a dating website. I always make sure there is a connection before we meet up. Am I the only one who gets attached so easily? I went on a few dates with this guy and it was great, but then the talking became less and less. I finally gave up on trying so hard with him but it just frustrates me! Why can't he just tell me he's not interested or whatever the case? Now all I can think about is him! I thought we had something! I hate being so "clingy" in the beginning, I feel like it damages my chances :(


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  • I have not used a dating site I will say that up front... BUT what I will say is that I suspect it mirrors the real world, where people don't like to hurt each other, so they say things they don't mean in the hopes of lessening the pain. That usually doesn't work as you know.

    As far as being clingy goes, yes that is a big turnoff for most guys. All you can do is perhaps be disciplined and watch yourself. Be a little reserved and watch how quickly you contact people back. I am not at all suggesting you play games... those suck. But I am saying that you do not always have to instantly contact the guy, you do not always have to be the one to initiate. Maybe you kind of do things every other time. He initiates, then you do, then he does, then you do again. Something like that.

    On another post, I mentioned to someone that nothing in life comes easy. It is easy to just hook up with someone, but it is hard to find the right person. You just have to accept that as fact, be patient, and know that it will come. In the meantime just try to enjoy meeting people and new experiences. If it is meant to be, it will happen.

    I wish you well!


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  • It's not just you. We tend to get attached to people easily, however most people restrain themselves. Also, let the man chase you not the other way around.

    I think he's just drawing blank that's why the talk is becoming less. It's clear that he's attracted to you.

  • yeah but being clingy in the beginning hurts guys more than girls


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  • Yup, if you were clingy at the beginning, there's a high possibility you chased him away. Follow my rules okay because despite what some people claim, guys do love the chase so don't be so desperate!

    1. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS let the man text/call first at the very beginning stages of a relationship. Wanna say hi to him? Dont, wait for HIM to say hi first. Create that need in him to actually want to talk to you.

    2. Never text/call him late at night. And always end the conversation first.

    3. Wait 10-15 minutes in between texts. Even if you are just sitting around on the couch, don't tell him that. Say you're hanging with friends having a fantastic time.

    See where I'm going here? Let the men chase you. Don't chase them.