Is it wrong for me to feel uncomfortable?

So a very close friend of mine has been all the way. She's done other things too. She's even kissed a girl before. Is it wrong for me to feel uncomfortable around her sometimes? The reason why is because I haven't even kissed anyone before... she's just so much more sexual than I am. We're both girls as well. What are you're thoughts?


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  • I think it is normal for you to feel this way. You are both very young and she's acting far beyond her years.

    I think you should let her know how you feel, hopefully this will make her aware of her sexuality and possibly slow down. If she's a good friend to you meaning she looks out for you and she's always there for you then you cannot let her sexuality rob from all that. You have to keep in mind that a person is not solely their sexuality. So if she's a good friend to you, you'll just have to learn to accept her for who she is.

    If she starts pressuring you to be as adventurous as her, this is not displaying good friendship and she can then be considered as a bad influence. Don't ever let society force you to do something you are uncomfortable doing.


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  • Well this is the same as being uncomfortable with anything else someone may do that you don't agree with or haven't done. You cannot really change anything about her or her past, or present if she's sexually active at the moment. I just have 2 questions. Do you get uncomfortable whenever you actually talk about anything sexual related or are you uncomfortable around her all the time as it is? I'm just trying to figure out at what point you're uncomfortable because if it's all the time then it may be the right time to evaluate your friendship but if it's just because she says things sometimes or brings things up then you can tell her that you'd rather she didn't as it's making you feel uncomfortable.

    • It's not really the part about her being sexually active that bothers me. I'm actually quite cool with her talking about that kind of stuff. It's just the knowing that she's kissed a girl.. (It was just experimental) but still.. it's just weird because she's my best friend.