Is he shy or uninterested?

Ok, so I've been dating this guy. He's awesome, very funny and sweet. We laugh about everything and have been on about 9 dates now. He's romantic and says openly that he likes me but wants to take things slowly. However, I've got to wonder whether by 'slowly' he means 'friend zone'. We make out but that's it and it usually only happens if I initiate contact. When we do, he's definitely into it and really in the moment but he very rarely even holds my hand unless I'm the first one to make contact. He texts me every day, keeps making plans for more dates and seems to like me but I can't help but feel a bit...awkward (?) that he is NEVER the one to make the first move.

He says he's into me so do I take him at face value? I love that he wants to take things slowly but this is like snail slow and I'm starting to feel slightly undesirable. I feel a bit like I'm 12 years old again, going to a disco with a boy - not a woman in her mid-twenties! It's not that I'm gagging to jump into bed with him tomorrow, I'd just like to know if things are actually moving forward or...not. I'm not shy, I'd be happy to ask but now I'm worried that he'll find that too pushy or that I'll word it badly. Gargh.

Sigh...insight anyone?


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  • Yes, he's into you. Things are moving forward, and you are on the right track.

    About moving things slowly, he just wants to take his time "loving" you, and there's nothing wrong with that.


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