I made my girlfriend upset?

Hi everyone,

Last night, I was messing around with her as usual and in the middle of making out and getting serious, I stopped and told her that we should do something else because I feel like I'm using her since I can never seem to keep my hands off her. Every time we hang out, we end up taking each others' clothes off and getting intimate. She seemed a bit disappointed but agreed and we ended up cuddling for the rest of our time together afterwards.

Later on, I get a text from her asking why I felt like I was using her, and I replied that I wasn't sure, but had just thought about that, that's all. She got very upset and said that she was doing something wrong and not being a good girlfriend if she's making me feel this way about her. I called her, and she didn't pick up. She hasn't responded to my texts either. Since that incident, we Haven't communicated in over a day. Should I wait for her to contact me?


Shes a wonderful girlfriend and I love her very much. She means so much to me!


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  • complete fail. unbelievable.

    you wanted to appear a "good guy" but ended like an over-dramatic pussie upsetting her and thinking she's doing something wrong.

    first thing you need to know is that you should never stop when she's aroused. never ends good. sure, there are certain exceptions where this maneuver can come in handy, but in your situation this was a complete fail.

    second, "I replied that I wasn't sure"; what, are you - a woman? "i'm not sure"? what the hell? with a woman for every decision you make you need to have a good reason. very good reason. and you need to be able to communicate that reason to her in a way the she understands why you did it and accepts it.

    third, damage control; I would roll with "i don't want you to think I'm with you just because of sex" thing. say "Every time we hang out, we end up taking each others' clothes off and getting intimate and at that moment I made a decision - that you're obviously not happy about - that I want to demonstrate I'm also happy when we just spend some time together without having sex"... and stuff like this... and then reassure her that she's not doing anything wrong. and then you can start being funny and say like "but that doesn't mean I don't wanna have sex with you. actually I'd like to bone you right now right here" etc...

    this thing is fixable in 5 min with right words.

    • Lol prophecy try not to be so tough on the guy, even if you think he deserves it :)

    • Yikes, I see where I went wrong. I think I made her feel unwanted by doing that so ill try to fix things asap. I just wanted her to understand that I was with her for more than just sex. Thanks for the advice!

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  • She is hurt, text her and let her know that you want to talk to her when she is ready. If she still ignores you send little I love you or I miss you messages every now and then. Us girls can get upset with the stupidest things, just be calm and reassuring. When you do talk to her let her know youlove her for the sex and more. Tell her that you are comfortable enough with her that you don't have to have sex every single time let her know that's not all you are after and that you cherish your time together. While I can see why she is upset right now she will most likely look back at this and actually be happy with it in the long run :) who knows you may have just showed your good side and still get ditto have sex all the time because she knows that's not all you want


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  • Phrophecy has pointed out some good things you should consider next time. I would advice that you text her and ask her to meet up with you so you can both discuss what happened. The key here is communication and honesty.

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