Ok ,i'm very confused.We haven't talked for 3 days.

So I get along so well with a guy,we've been talking almost everyday for a month ,we have a nice friendship.We finally went up on a date and it went well,only one or 2 awkward moments ,but so insignificant.Later that night we talked for like 10 min. on yahoo and since then almost nothing. I texted him yesterday and we exchanged like 3 or 4 messages that's all. He didn't enter on yahoo ,he usually entered around 10pm(yesterday I get it,he was out with his friends).It can't be the date,he said to me I made a good impression and we should go out again( but then he said to me to tell him when I wanna go out again.wtf?can't he just ask?) he's honest and if I had a chance to talk to him we would figure out this whole situation. He enterd on Facebook chat,but I don't wanna text him again,i don't wanna be pushy. I'm usually not the only one who texts first.I'm confused.I wanna talk to him.


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  • Your best bet is when he is back on line just message him, " Hi, so when are you going to take me out again?" he will probably reply, "whenever you want" just say to him," you let me know when and I will make sure I'm free" then this will encourage him to set a date in stone and arrange the details with you, otherwise he will wait, you will wait and nothing will come of it, good luck, x


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  • It might be because perhaps you're too good for him. Or he's not able to express himself around you. Or he found you unattractive after the date.


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