FWB I think but I want more?

This guy I have known for a few years and I started flirting a few months ago. Then in November we started texting and he asked me to hang out. So I'd go over and we would cuddle and watch tv, nothing more. One night I stayed over since we both worked early the next day and I had my head on his shoulder asleep when he kissed me. Things progressed and we had sex. After that I kept hanging out and spending the night. We cuddle, play around, watch movies and of course we have sex. Great sex at that. He texts me things like "Good morning beautiful" when he gets up and when he sees me in the mornings he comes up from behind and hugs me. The other day at work, since we work together, he even quickly gave me a quick kiss on the ear out of nowhere. He does these things and I think he likes me as more, but I am afraid all he sees me as is a friends with benefits type of thing. Up until Friday night I really thought he liked me, but then he made a Facebook status that seemed like he still harbors feelings for an ex that kept breaking up with him. Then last night he just stopped texting me, which he has never done before. He always texts me to tell me goodnight or that he misses me and wishes I was there.

I don't know how to bring this up..and I am almost afraid to because I am scared to lose him..even though I guess I don't really even have him. I'm really liking him and I don't want to just be some girl who keeps his bed warm at night.

he also makes jokes about how he hopes I don't replace him and that nobody else can have me. and Friday night I said something and he thought I meant I wasn't going to hang out with him anymore and he seemed kinda upset till I cleared it up.


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  • You need to establish a relationship or not, do not accept in between, because if he sees you as a fwb, then he's using you for the sex, and your going to get hurt when something else comes along, so demand you establish this as a relationship or the whole thing is off,x

  • I think being FWB made you feel closer to him. Also, it's easier for the two of you to have a relationship since you share the same fun like cuddling, watching, and playing around.


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