I'm going on a blind date Sunday, best way to go for a kiss?

Hey everyone, so I'm getting set up for a blind date next Sunday and I was wondering what the best way and time to go in for a kiss. I won't be driving her home since we're both gonna drive to the restaurant. (I 'm not really used to going for it on the first date, that's why I'm asking). Also should I try on the first date?


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  • If you're feeling it, go for it. The catch is to leave her wanting more though. If you feel chemistry, kiss her ever so gently to leave her desiring a long, passionate kiss.

    In regards to the kiss itself, you're gonna have to get her alone.

    Post dinner, suggest that she comes to your car to talk. Let the conversation flow until you feel it is time for her to go or that she is hinting that she must go. A moment of silence complete with some glancing at her lips will for sure build some sexual tension.

    Next, you could

    A) play it charming. when she moves to leave the car, say "you forgot something", then plant one on her.

    B) play it nervous-geek-cute. say "do you know how badly I wanna kiss you right now?"


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  • Wait to the 2nd date to kiss. That is if you want a 2nd date. You're getting ahead of yourself man.

  • Yes, that would be ideal. Just do it whenever you are alone.