Did I make myself look worthless?

So me and this guy were seeing each other for 4 months. I knew him already before that and I got quite attached. But He has commitment issues and loves what he can't have so he broke things off when he realized it was 4 months as he said he had always had doubts and he thought they would go but they didn't.

I was devestated but I was very strong I told him I didn't want to be friends but good luck and then I didn't reply to his texts that followed about how he missed me and wishing me happy Xmas etc. he then said he wanted to chat on the phone and he called me a few times. I wasn't going to but finally I caved And called back. We spoke for ages he said he'd missed me every day and had been a wreck as he was so much happier with me but he said he was still confused. I said I forgave him and I spoke logically about things and I even spoke about sex and said I was going on a date maybe to arouse some want in him.

Later that night he texted me asking if I was still up after going out drinking. He wanted a booty call! After everything that's happened and all the hurt I've been through. So now I think I undid all the respect he may have gained for me when I was ignoring him.

I never texted back to his text does that redeem things at all? I feel so worthless I shouldn't have called back or what do you think?

Just to be clear I didn't text back so I didn't go through with the booty call I'm just upset he asked


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  • Not really. I think you've done what you think is right that's why you gave in to his booty call whim.


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