Would you like it if the woman you were dating made you a picnic?

We are both in our twenties. I get to see him on Friday and I was thinking it would be nice if I prepared a nice picnic, food, drinks, blanket and all. Sandwiches, potato salad, jelly slice etc. He is so sweet and caring I would love to do something nice for him. How would you feel if your girl did this for you? He lives in the country so was thinking we could go and find a nice spot... maybe have a little extra for dessert ;)


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  • A girl did this for me a few years back, a couple of times..and now I"m married off to her.

    This is the most underrated approach...so few modern women do this, but it's the closest thing to sure-fire.

    Good luck, invite me to the wedding.

    • That is so sweet! Thank you! We have only being seeing each other a few months but I can definitely hopefully see things working out :) Thank you x

  • I would feel like the happiest guy in the world. He's a lucky guy to have you.

    Most girls these days won't do those for a man anymore.


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